Ten Creative Ways To Propose Marriage

Thinking how to pop the question and present her a diamond engagement ring? Here are ten ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.

1)- One way to propose marriage is to make reservations at her favorite restaurant and have it accompanied by a violinist or pianist, as you order dessert have the waiter bring the dessert with the wedding ring hidden under a cover. Make sure the box is open for you to take the ring and has rose petals surrounding it. Now all that’s left is to “pop the question”.

2)- Another way to ask for her hand is to go out on a boat ride. Take her somewhere and then fake the boat being stuck.  After some fake “confusion” finally say something along the lines of “Without you in my life I would feel like I was stranded on an island that no ship ever came to pass. Will you marry me?”

3)- Why not return to the place where the two of you first met. Remind her of your very first visit there, wait for a few moments, and then take out the ring, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you.

4)- If by chance there are beaches near or close to where you are at, you could take her there right before sunset. Enjoy a nice ride with soft music in the car. When the sun sets take out the ring and propose.

5)- How about a treasure hunt with friends. You pass out the first clue. Be sure to make the clues easy and not too difficult. When your partner comes to the last place, be there along with everyone else waiting holding the ring out in your hand ready to propose.

6)- A classic and one of the most effective top 10 ways to proposal is getting down on one knee and asking your girl to marry you. Choose your spot – a family event, during the holidays, or maybe at her place she works. Although repetitive it does tend to work almost every time.

7)- Take some rose petals or other flowers and lace them in her home or apartment spelling about “Will You Marry Me”. Trust me; your lover is going to absolutely love this. Have a chilled bottle of champagne nearby.

8)- There are lots of great public areas – parks, museums, lakes – that lend themselves to proposing to your girl. Contact then to see what they can do to make your day that much more special.

9)- If you really want to impress your soon to be wife, think about having an airplane spell those magic words “will you marry me” in the sky above an event you are attending.

10)- How about hiding the ring in a box of candy and just while you are both sharing it, have the ring there and propose after she realizes what it is. There was a guy that placed the ring in a Cracker Jack box because they always shared this while watching movies together. She opened the prize and did not think it was real until convinced when he dropped to his knee.

These are just our 10. Not necessarily our best, but good suggestions.

Do you have more suggestions we should add to our list?  

We would love to hear them.

How did you get proposed to? Tell us at info@goodheartsjewelry.com

How did you propose to your wife? Let us know at info@goodheartsjewelry.com


Kristen Fay2012-12-19 04:37:32

My husband rented a prop plane and pilot. We lived in Phoenix at the time, he told me he was taking me on a flight to Sedona and the grand canyon for fun. When we were flying in the grand canyon he turned around and proposed! I was so shocked! We then flew down to Sedona and had a lunch together and then flew back to Phoenix. It was so wonderful

victoria2013-01-07 16:04:28

when I proposed to my husband I had thought up the best plan ever. he checked into my dorm and my friend gave him my dorm keys. when he arrived at the door he saw a notecard saying 11:11 you make all my wishes come true, will you make another one come true? and there were arrows pointing the next card in a trail that told him how long we'd been together, how much I loved him and every major mile stone in our relationship, accompanied by text we'd sent back and forth and old sayings. at the end of the trail was a picnic with wine and our favorite foods, I came out of hiding and handed him his own card which had a glow in the dark check mark he could not see and took him to the bathroom where I said a little speech asking him to marry me then flicked off the lights and on the wall were notecards in glow in the dark saying will you marry me? and had a place for yes and no, he put his glowing the dark check mark under yes and turned on the lights to find me on one knee with the ring in my hand. afterwards we sent the picture to family and I turned off the hidden video camera and we enjoyed a nice lunch before going home to his parents before he went off to the military for two and a half months

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