In today’s world, the insurance company you have your homeowner’s policy listed is who you will need to provide jewelry appraisals for the items you will be listing to insure.  Your item(s) will be scheduled on your homeowner’s policy that covers your home and its contents.

We will fully describe each jewelry item, including and diamond or colored stone grades, issued independent laboratory certificates that go with the item, and their current replacement valuation. We do it at their current replacement costs so if the item is lost, stolen, or damaged it can be properly and quickly replaced through your insurance company.  You should treat these appraisals like any other legal documents, and store them in a secure place for future reference.

We perform most appraisals in our store, but we can also make a private appointment, and meet at your place of business, bank, or attorney’s office for whatever valuations are necessary.  We make every effort to complete these within 48 hours.